Weight Room

Mental and emotional muscle is equally as important as physical strength. Head coach Devon Still and his assistant coaches have bench pressed some of life’s toughest challenges and want to share their strategies to help you overcome financial, spiritual, health, wellness and relationship-related hurdles and resiliently achieve your life goals.

Randy Russell: Heart Broken

Growing up in the tough streets of Miami Gardens, Randy and so many of his friends used football as a way to escape the streets. By the time Randy was a sophomore at Miami Carrol City High School, the scholarships started pouring in. He ended up with over 50 scholarships to play Division 1 football. […]
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Leon Ford: No Apology Needed

Growing up in Pittsburg, Pa was anything but easy for then 19 year-old Leon Ford. Spending most of his life in the housing projects, Leon was no stranger to police brutality and the tension between the police force and his community. In fact, he’d seen a number of instances where police took advantage of their […]
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Aleesha Barlow: Tell Somebody

Child Abuse is a serious, often unspoken topic. It is something that impacts a lot of peoples lives. Aleesha Barlow was sexually abused by her maternal grandfather for years, with her earliest memory being at 6 years old. When she first told her aunt and mom about her grandfather, both of them covered it up […]
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Cashmere Nicole: A Recipe For Success

If there was a real life Cinderella Story, the life story of Beauty Bakerie CEO, Cashmere Nicole, would be it. Raised in South Bend, Indiana, she became a teenage mom at the young age of 16. Struggling to make it as a single parent, Cashmere, found herself on food stamps and section at housing. In […]
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Nelba Marquez-Greene: Stuck In The Middle

On December 14, 2012, the unimaginable happened when a 20 year-old gunman shot and killed 20 first graders and 6 employees at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. One of the lives lost that day belonged to 6 and a half year-old Ana Grace. Ana’s mom, Nelba, shares why it’s okay to experience grief […]
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