Weight Room

“In the face of adversity, you find out if you’re a fighter or a quitter. It’s all about getting up after you’ve been knocked down.”

– Archie Griffin, Cincinnati Bengals –

Mental and emotional muscle is equally as important as physical strength. Head coach Devon Still and his assistant coaches have bench pressed some of life’s toughest challenges and want to share their strategies to help you overcome financial, spiritual, health, wellness and relationship-related hurdles and resiliently achieve your life goals.

Nelba Marquez-Greene: Stuck In The Middle

On December 14, 2012, the unimaginable happened when a 20 year-old gunman shot and killed 20 first graders and 6 employees at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. One of the lives lost that day belonged to 6 and a half year-old Ana Grace. Ana’s mom, Nelba, shares why it’s okay to experience grief […]
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Rob Long: From Kicking Footballs To Kicking Cancer

From the moment Rob Long stepped on Syracuse University’s Campus, he had immediate success. He was named to the Freshman All-America Team by Sporting News and College Sports Report. After becoming a 3-time All Big East Selection, he went into his senior year as one of the top punters in college football and a sureshot […]
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Curtis “Wall Street” Carrol: Trapped Physically But Free Mentally

Curtis”Wall Street” Carroll grew up in what can be considered ground zero of the crack epidemic; Oakland, California. His dad was absent for most of his life while his mom was addicted to crack cocaine. Without any guidance, Wall Street got caught up in California’s gang life at the young age of 12. That lifestyle […]
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Matt Hoffman: More Than Just A Race

Matt Hoffman is one of the few people in the world to complete the Race Across America, a 3,000 mile bike marathon going from California to Maryland. After years of living a double life, Matt Hoffman’s life came crashing down which led to thoughts of committing suicide. To get him out of this dark place, he […]
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Sgt. Jose Luis Sanchez: Still Standing

Retired Marine Staff Sergeant Jose Luis Sanchez didn’t set out to be a role model. He started working out just so he could feel like himself again after he stepped on an IED during a tour in Afghanistan in 2011 left him with an amputated left leg and injured right calf and hamstring. Seven years […]
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