Undefeated Podcast

Trent Shelton: Becoming The Greatest You

In 2007, Trent Shelton’s dream of playing in the NFL came true when he signed a free agent contract with the Colts. However, his time in the NFL was short lived after being cut by 3 different teams. While fighting to save his childhood dream, Trent also found out he was having a child outside of his relationship. The stress of his deteriorating football career combined with the fear of fatherhood sent Trent’s life down a dark path where he used drugs and alcohol to help cope with his new reality. Until one day he felt the need to change. He started posting videos and blogs online about what he was going through. A few years later, those posts that were originally started as a way to help himself through his life’s trials, grew into a movement that now impacts millions of people all over the globe.