Undefeated Podcast

Leon Ford: No Apology Needed

Growing up in Pittsburg, Pa was anything but easy for then 19 year-old Leon Ford. Spending most of his life in the housing projects, Leon was no stranger to police brutality and the tension between the police force and his community. In fact, he’d seen a number of instances where police took advantage of their power and inflicted harm on individuals he knew. However, on November 11, 2012, his life changed when he went from witnessing acts of violence by the police to being a victim of police brutality. While driving to a friends house that night, Leon was pulled over by police. During the 20 minute traffic stop, police kept accusing Leon of lying about his identity. Insisting he was Lamont Ford, a violent gang member, and not Leon Ford. Although, Leon provided a license, registration, and insurance papers that all identified him as Leon Ford. When police tried to pull Leon out of the car, he got scared and pulled off. Less than ten seconds later, Leon’s body was riddled with bullet holes as he took what he thought were his last breaths. Devon sits down with Leon to find out how he was able to forgive the cops who altered his life and weren’t charged. Also, how his faith brought him out of a dark place.